Explore a Big Starry Night in St. Helena

St. Helena is a magical destination and is even more magical at night. Amongst the lush vines and mountain range backdrops, St. Helena is a must stop to enjoy the finer things and relax under the stars. Take in the moon, listen to the quiet winds blow the vineyards and breath in St. Helena’s wide open wanderland air.


Harvest Inn sets the stage for creating unforgettable memories outside at night. Stay in style with these California contemporary designed guest rooms that have storybook charm. At night, lay back and relax in your private oasis hot tub overlooking panoramic views of lush vineyards and experience serene wine county under the stars. Can you spot the big dipper? Pop open the complimentary bottle of wine and take a stroll of the grounds to find whimsical art scattered throughout the property. Enjoy a nice fire on the hotel’s open patio perfect for you to catch a glimpse of the universe, while enjoying that vino.

girl and wine and stars

Dine under the stars at The Charter Oak. The restaurant’s outdoor terrace has it all! Luxe brick surrounds the grounds creating a rustic and warm atmosphere to immerse your appetite. Enjoy freshly picked vegetables from the garden and hearth-cooked dishes while enjoying dining outside in the evening. Pop open some bubbles and enjoy the night skies.

stars and barn

A night tour at a winery? It’s unheard of, but Robert Mondavi creates the perfect evening vineyard side. First, you’ll be guided through the winery gardens. After, feast your eyes on an outdoor live cooking fire demonstration by the winery chef. While the culinary experts are preparing your meal, stroll the vineyards and learn the history and legacy of Robert Mondavi. Dinner will be enjoyed al fresco with a view of the To Kalon vineyards and Mayacamas Mountains. There is no better place to stargaze then here!

robert mondavi

Feeling like going for a night bike ride? Rent bikes at St. Helena Cyclery and ride the town at night under the bright stars. Pack a blanket and bring deserts for a late-night picnic while you stargaze under the night sky at Crane Park. This park is a perfect setting to lay under the stars and see the big sky. Bring a kaleidoscope to really get a close look at the moon and other planets.