A Taste of History Wine Tour

Taste the history of St. Helena wineries. It’s no secret St. Helena Napa Valley is a premier wine destination, but did you know that St. Helena is home to some of the most historic wineries in California?

St. Helena’s three most historic wineries have teamed up to create a day filled with history, wine, and food. So, if you want to taste wine and learn the history of how wine was produced in 1876 and continues, this is a tour for you!

charles krug

Start your day at Charles Krug Winery. Established in 1861, this winery is what started the flagship of producing Napa Valley wine. This is officially the oldest winery in all of Napa Valley. Historical records show these were the first grapes ever planted. Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine while you tour the property and learn the rich history taking you way back.


Next, venture to Beringer Vineyards, California’s longest continually operating winery. Here you will get to experience a unique glimpse into Napa Valley’s past. Fun fact, the entire estate was designated a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places, so everywhere you look there’s a story to be told. On property, you will get to enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch for two that includes a basket filled with local products from each winery you visit.


End your day at Markham Vineyards. Known for producing fine quality Merlot, this winery is filled with rich history around each corner. Establish in 1874 and a fascination with new technology, new wine methods were born here that were not common in California in the late 1800s. Annually, the winery would fire a cannon in the vineyards to mark harvest. While you learn the history, you will taste sustainably made wine showcasing the unique charters of Markham.

With an abundance of history in St. Helena, the legacy lives on and we are reminded that it’s not just about the tasting of wine, but the story that is behind the label for what makes St. Helena Napa Valley wines remarkable.

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