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  • Please include your name/email address. These will not be public.
  • Please limit posts to visitor-focused events that are located in or near St. Helena.
  • Events must be open to the public.
  • Title:  Enter a short descriptive title of your event.
  • Copy: Include a concise description of the event, max 50 words.
  • Copy should be in the third person.
  • Please avoid ALL CAPS.
  • Fill in the time, date, location, organizer, event website and event cost fields.
  • Check the proper “Event Category” – Always check the “St. Helena and Nearby Events” box, and then other categories that are appropriate to your event.
  • Provide a large landscape color photograph as “featured image” with the following guidelines. 2400×1350 px. Minimum image is 1200px wide x 675. Suggested aspect ratio  16:9.
  • Photo should NOT be a poster or have any typography on it.

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