5 Harvest Secrets in St. Helena

Ready to reveal your wine country passion? From adventurous vineyard tours to discovering seasonal delights, we’ve rounded out the top 5 ways to celebrate harvest in St. Helena. Check out a few of fall favorites including ways to stomp your way through Napa Valley.

Embark on a rugged journey of a lifetime at Maxville Winery. Climb aboard their Humvee and explore the hidden ridges and untamed portions of the estate stopping along the way to taste wine from specific vineyard blocks. Truly the best way to taste from vine to glass.

Maxville Winery

Bursting with flavor, Press Napa Valley highlights the time of the season with innovative culinary delights. From the menu, delight your taste buds with their “must-haves” or sink your teeth into their 6-course tasting menu. A remarkable harvest feast!

Press Napa Valley

Stomp, swish, and swirl at Grgich Hills Estate. Exclusive to wine club members, jump in a wine barrel and let your feet crush on to experience one of Napa Valley’s oldest harvest traditions just minutes from St. Helena.

Grgich Hills Estate

A fall surprise at the vineyards with livestock. Seavey Vineyard’s cattle have returned for harvest. While you stroll the grounds you can spot the herd quietly grazing the stems of grapes in the fields.


Seavey Vineyards

Experience a view from the winemaker’s seat at Whitehall Lane Winery. After tasting a selection of limited-release wines journey to the crush pad where you will see a behind-the-scenes look into the hustle and bustle of harvest.

Whitehall Lane Winery

Harvest 2022 is underway, what new experiences will you discover this season?