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Appellation St. Helena

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As the birthplace of Napa Valley’s commercial wine industry, Appellation St. Helena (ASH) buzzes with innovation, collaboration, and distinction.


Farella Braun and Martel LLP

Farella Braun and Martel LLP is a leading Northern California law firm representing corporate and private clients in sophisticated business transactions and complex commercial, civil and criminal litigation.


Napa Valley Vintners

The Napa Valley Vintners nonprofit trade association has been cultivating excellence since 1944 by inspiring its 550 members to consistently produce wines of the highest quality, to provide environmental leadership, and to care for the extraordinary place they call home.



Wine-tasting placemats and note templates at a wine tasting? Not anymore! Why would you waste extra money when you could easily save printing costs and still retain the class that wine-tasting commands- Try an app this time. Businesses in the 21st century are leveraging data to boost sales, automate processes and increase productivity. People are willing to share their data and try out tools that reduce the monotony in their lives—yes, note-taking practice in a wine tasting is no different. From the surface, it is quite evident that the entire process from tasting to purchasing doesn’t necessarily have to be traditional. Therefore, PTMOSE dropped old traditions and has alleviated some of the cumbersome paper-tasting menus, paper order forms, paper wine club applications, paper shipping information, tasting menus (which may change monthly), and all other documents a customer must contend with. It makes it possible for you to have access to a nimble database that stores your customers’ data, visits, search history, and past purchases, enabling you to launch user-centric marketing strategies. For customers, what else does a customer want if not a digital experience? This digital experience will let them enjoy the wine more and not worry about making notes. Pre-built prompts and templates in the app will allow them to share their experience fast and accurately. Wine lovers no longer have to commit everything to memory. Their favorite pairings, bottles for a celebratory event, or one for Monday blues, all can be saved, accessed, and ordered with a few taps within the App.


Titus Vineyards

The documented history of the property extends back to 1841 and includes General Mariano Vallejo, Dr. Edward Bale, Charles Krug, and Eli York, just to name a few. The land has been continuously farmed for over 150 years, with the Titus family’s first harvest in 1969. Dr. Lee Titus, a Radiologist, practicing in Sonoma at the time, purchased the land in 1968 and soon after, took over farming the vineyard. The evolution of wine production in Napa was moving towards those varietals – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot – and to further emulate the Bordeaux region, Lee oversaw planting all five of the classic varietals as the old vineyards were being replanted. And so, Titus Vineyards began; bringing together the traditional grapes of Bordeaux in a New World site marked the beginning of the family wine venture. Titus Vineyards’ Vista Room offers a stunning view of their 50-acre vineyard estate, showcasing the beauty and wonder of this valley of dreams. This seated, semi-private experience is approximately one hour in duration, during which you are guided through a curated selection of truly exceptional Napa Valley wines all while gazing at the very vines from which the wines are made.