Napa Humane

The Napa Humane’s Mission is to promote the welfare of companion animals through protection, advocacy, education, and by example.

As a premier advocate for companion animals in Napa County, Napa Humane leads the evolution of our communities to where:

  • Every companion animal is a wanted animal, residing in a humane household.
  • No companion animal will be subject to abuse or neglect.
  • All companion animals have access to fundamental health care.
  • Lost companion animals swiftly find their way home.
  • Increased animal understanding allows people to form life-long, healthy, loving bonds with their companion animals.
  • Sheltered animals are the first choice for those seeking a companion animal.
  • Companion animals are protected in the time of disaster.
  • All those dedicated to the welfare of domestic animals work collaboratively.
Napa Humane

P.O. Box 695 Napa, CA 94559