JVH Business Solutions

JVH Business Solutions works with small to medium size business owners, and successful entrepreneurs to solve many business challenges to build value for their companies, and themselves.

JVH Business Solutions offers Digital Marketing Strategy services including LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training, business coaching, and transition planning.

A highly experienced business advisor and expert in retirement planning, JVH helps companies build and manage their compensation plans including 401K and deferred compensation.

As a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Exit Planning Advisor, JVH Business Solutions identifies barriers within a business, organizes the issues, and asks hard questions to transition a good company to a significant company.

For more information on how JVH Business Solutions can support your business, or your desire to sell your business, contact John Heflebower at jvheflebower@gmail.com or 707-321-2324.

JVH Business Solutions

Saint Helena, CA, USA