Dog Park at Wappo Park

The Dog park is located in Wappo Park, which is just south of Pope Street Bridge along the Napa River.  If driving to the park, enter College Ave off of Pope Street, then take the next left just past the college facility.  This will take you into the parking lot for the college and Wappo Park, which should be straight ahead.

The dog park is a fenced area of approximately 5,900 square feet and is fenced and secure so dogs can be off-leash once inside.  This bark-covered area includes picnic tables on a concrete pad, benches, shade trees, a drinking fountain for dogs and their humans, and a dog waste bag station with a trash can. 

Important reminders for dog owners are:

  • Keep dogs on leash when outside the dog park.  This is for the safety of others as well as your pet (coyotes have been spotted in the park and may prey on domestic animals, especially small dogs).  Please keep your dog on a leash when in Wappo Park.
  • Friendly dogs only in the dog park.  Sometimes dogs don’t get along, but some dogs just don’t socialize well with other dogs at all.  It’s not a flaw of the animal and owners shouldn’t take it personally.  If you’re dog growls, snaps, or even bites other dogs, do your dog a favor and don’t have them in the dog park when other dogs (especially others dogs that want to socialize) are present.  Your dog will be happier, you’ll experience less stress, and other owners will appreciate it.
  • Beware of foxtails!  Wappo Park is a park left in a natural state.  It gets mowed only to keep the tall grass and weeds down as a fire mitigation measure.  This also means that plants like foxtails can pop up in a sort of place.  Keep your dog on the path in Wappo Park and away from the tall grass.  If you see foxtails or other types of plants that may be harmful to your pet, please let us know by Reporting a Problem.  Lastly, we strongly recommend you check your pet for anything that might get caught in your dog’s fur and possibly burrow into their coat.
Dog Park at Wappo Park

201 Pope St, St Helena, CA 94574, USA