Erosion Wine Co.

The focus of Erosion is to make flavor-driven wines, which means strive to achieve a certain set of flavor characteristics in a wine.  This is different than most wineries, especially in Napa, where the focus is on a specific vineyard, a certain varietal, a well respected appellation, and almost always showcases a particular growing year.  The best wines of the world have a sense of place, a focus on terroir. But that’s not Erosion.  They’re even brave enough to use non-grape ingredients in their wines, but only if it makes the wine more delicious and interesting. 

Their wine is in convenient 250mL (8.46 fl. oz.) “single serve” cans, and on draft in their tasting room located in St. Helena. It’s also worth mentioning that wines they release will be available once, and that’s it. 

Located in the heart of Napa Valley in beautiful downtown St. Helena, they’re a fun and casual spot to try unique wines and hang out with friends. They’re open Monday-Thursday 12pm-7pm and Friday-Sunday 12pm-10pm.

Erosion Wine Co.

1234 Main Street, St. Helena, CA, USA