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“Love Gone Awry” Virtual Performances

UpStage Napa Valley’s first two virtual performances of “Love Gone Awry” are now up on its website and ready to amuse you. This series of six, short, clever comedies are modern interpretations of the love affairs in William Shakespeare’s plays. While no tickets are required, the local theater company appreciates any donations to help during this extended time of Covid restrictions on live performance.  Go to the theater’s website https://www.upstagenapavalley.org and enjoy at your convenience. Available indefinitely.

April 16th: She Done Me Wrong (AKA Much Ado About Nothing)—Starring David Evans

After Yoga (AKA Merchant of Venice) Starring Barbara Barling and Alexis Forni

April 30th: A Man and His Dog (AKA Two Gentlemen of Verona)—Starring Fred Ireland

Me Thinks She doth Protest Too Much (AKA Two Gentlemen of Verona)  Starring Danielle Devitt and Shannon McDermott

May 7th: The Rogue, the Fool and the Maid (AKA Twelfth Night)—Starring-Bruce Miroglio, Antonia Allegra and Rob Barlow

Cleo Meets US Mail Carrier (AKA Antony and Cleopatra)—Starring Elaine Jennings, Howard Fisher and Deborah Todd

These twelve local actors have been rehearsing their lines in Elizabethan English under the direction of Artistic Director Sharie Renault. Their performances are filmed by Alexis Forni and sound by technician Ben Casas. Go to https://www.upstagenapavalley.org/events/love-gone-awry to read the biographies and see photographs of our “Love Gone Awry” cast.  Lots to enjoy!