Why Invest in the Chamber?

“As a long time business owner in St. Helena,
I need to be a part of the Chamber because it
represents the business community and is
an advocate for St. Helena business as one voice.”

Bob Torres
Trinchero Family Estates

“The Chamber is responsible for representing St. Helena business interests to ensure that the business environment is healthy, growing and integrated with the community. As one of the largest employers in town, we consider it our responsibility and our pleasure to support business community by being an involved as a premium partner.”
Joshua Cowan
St. Helena Hospital

“I support the St. Helena Chamber because I think it is critically important to the future of our community that our local businesses have a voice in our community direction and the resources to analyze, educate and enhance our economic viability.”
Chuck McMinn
Vineyard 29 & Napa Valley Vine Trail

“The St. Helena Chamber of Commerce is vital to the future responsible growth and economic vitality of our community. We support the Chamber in its plan and efforts to add to the strength and health of the business environment of St. Helena.”
Kevin Dimond
Harvest Inn by Charlie Palmer

“Dancing Hares supports the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce at the Premium Level because we believe that the business community is vital to keeping St. Helena relevant in the wine industry, in increasing visitors to our community, and to making sure that we have an economically healthy environment so we can maintain the standard of living we have all come to enjoy here. Without viable businesses we will not have a viable community and the Chamber is an excellent partner in that endeavor.”
Paula Brooks
Dancing Hares Vineyard and Winery