7 Good Reasons to Bring
Your Business to St. Helena

Whether you’re starting a new business or seeking to relocate your existing enterprise, there are plenty of reasons to consider making St. Helena your professional home base. Here are just a few of them:

  1. An active economyThe Napa Valley welcomes nearly three million visitors annually, generating $1.4 billion in direct visitor spending within the county. Group meetings and events bring another $188 million in spending to the Valley.
  2. An affluent populationYes, it costs money to live here. And our people can afford it. St. Helena residents have the disposable income to shop locally, eat out frequently, and purchase merchandise and services to enhance their wine-country lifestyle.
  3. An entrepreneurial spiritJust look at the Napa Valley’s long list of world-renowned wineries and you’ll see the names of some of California’s most successful entrepreneurs: Mondavi, Hall, Krug, Phelps, Heitz, Martini, – the list goes on. That same innovative spirit can be found across industries in St. Helena, from hospitality to healthcare to tech solutions.
  4. A networking cultureOne of the greatest advantages of a small town is that everyone knows everyone else – or knows someone who knows them. That’s pure gold when it comes to starting or building your business. You’re surrounded by knowledgeable, savvy, creative, helpful folks.
  5. An attractive lifestyle benefitSt. Helena Hospital offers the breath-taking wine-country lifestyle as a key benefit to motivate the most sought-after physicians and specialists to relocate here, and the same applies to any industry seeking top-level talent. There’s a reason the most celebrated architects, designers, artists, winemakers, and Michelin-starred chefs choose to live here.
  6. Premium servicesOur hospitals and schools rank among the best in the nation. Our crime rate is among the lowest. We offer excellent fire, law enforcement, and other support services to make St. Helena one of the healthiest and safest places to live or work.
  7. Location, location, locationAspen. New York. Beverly Hills. St. Helena. The location where you base your business is part of your brand. Don’t think it doesn’t matter.