St. Helena Wineries and Wine Tastings

ARTS IN APRIL EVENT: bASH – Saturday April 19th, 2014 6pm – 8pm


Celebrate all art forms that make St Helena a cultural destination in Napa Valley. In addition to the many St Helena area wineries that will showcase art exhibits all month long, Appellation St Helena will also host a unique event called bASH designed to appeal to all wine and culinary art lovers.

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It’s no exaggeration to say that the Napa Valley is home to some of the greatest wineries in the world. Our St. Helena vintners are rightly acclaimed for their skills, and their wineries have won many gold medals for excellence. It’s no wonder: Few places on earth can boast the confluence of rich soil, a temperate climate, ideal levels of rain and the perfect orientation toward the sun. Despite the location, producing world-class wines still takes deep knowledge, tireless attention to detail, good timing and good luck. Dedicated viticulturists must lovingly tend to their grapes through droughts, floods, late frosts and strong winds, and even then 85% of a vine’s flowers never become berries or survive long enough on the vine. It’s that rare combination of luck and dedication that make Napa Valley wineries—95% of which are family-owned—so special.

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